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​With Viora’s revolutionary CORE technology (V-ST), noninvasive RF treatments for loose and sagging skin have been transformed. CORE gets to the heart of treating your skin by gently heating your skin’s underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers causing the fibers to shrink, restoring your skin’s elasticity and leaving you with a tighter, smoother appearance. 

Each procedure is personalized per patient, per treatment area, and per specific symptom and need. Viora’s tightening treatments can be done at any time of the year, and with tanned skin, so anytime is convenient. No matter what your skin type is, and no matter what part of your body you’re interested in treating, Viora is here for you.

Price per individual session:
Eyes and Forehead
Lower Face 
Full Face
Nasolabial Lines
Stretch Marks 
Knees  $100.00
Elbows $80.00
Full Face, Eyes, Neck, and Chest$300.00
Full Face, Eyes, and Neck
Full Face and Eyes
Lower Face, Neck, and Chest
Lower Face and Neck




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